Jarldom of Vikesland



King Christopher and Queen Erin of Vikesland

HRM King Christopher I

HRM King Christopher I is descended from the Noble houses of France in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries notably Guillaume, Seigneur de la Paumeliere and Guillaume II, Seigneur de Nevi. His ancestors were French Lords before they were deposed during the Massacre of Huguenots in 1572 and fled to Holland. He is currently seeking re-instatement of the Noble title of his ancestors. He is also a blood relative of Louis Riel great leader of the Metis nation and founding father of Manitoba. King Christopher is a citizen of the Manitoba Metis federation.
King Christopher was born in Canada and currently resides there still. He grew up in a rural environment and learned to become an accomplished outdoorsman through the teachings of his father.
As a teenager King Christopher joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and achieved the rank of Corporal. He received basic training in firearms, wilderness/winter survival, tactics, pilot training and leadership training. He also self taught himself to play 4 instruments and formed a punk rock/heavy metal band in high school. He has been in 3 hardcore bands over the years.
In his early twenties he would go to college and get his degree in Media production. He worked in Television for 16 years and is now filmmaking fulltime with his own film company Rebel of Motion Picture Productions. King Christopher is also re-connecting with his musical roots and plans to record a heavy metal album.
His hobbies include Camping, Model aeronautics, sport shooting, weightlifting, filmmaking, Playing Heavy Metal music, travelling and helping document and support Womens roller derby team GANG GREEN.
Queen Erin
Queen Erin is from Brandon, Manitoba and prefers to leave the daily workings of Vikesland to the king. She attends official state and diplomatic functions when its possible. She enjoys the outdoors, hockey, movies and rock music.

Crown Princess Katie
Princess Katie is the niece of the King and Queen and heir to Vikeslands crown. Princess Katie enjoys rock music, writing and video games. She is currently enrolled in Brandon University.

Princess Jolene
Princess Jolene is sister to King Christopher and lives in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. She has a career in the medical field and is a professional singer songwriter. She enjoys camping, her friends and church community.

Prince Elgin and Princess Evelyn 
Parents of King Christopher and the primary residents of the family owned Vikesland Capitol A.K.A. Vikesland proper. Prince Elgin oversees the practical daily operations of Vikeslands main land base both enusuring its security and maintenance by commanding security force personell and supervising operations done by the Ministry of the interior.
Princess Evelyn spends much of her time in charity work and the beautification of Vikesland and the Government buildings.

Honorary Princess

Lexi Baugh of the Republic of Molossia was awarded the title of honorary Princess of Vikesland at MicroCon 2015. Lexi is currently active in the affairs of Molossia as Chief Constable.

Nobility of Vikesland
Duke Lloyd of GP. - (Deceased)
Duke Wayne (Deceased) and Duchess Martha of the Rose.
Duchess Odelia of Laurier (Deceased)
Duke Allan and Duchess Hazel of Brandon.
Baron T.R. McCauley of the Supergrid
Baron Nathaniel of Bower Province
Duchess Amber of Wiggins
Baroness Cherette of Nigel
Duke Brent and Duchess Kathy of Basset
Baroness Marie of The Territory of Nelson
Baroness Mable of the Territory of Nelson
Baron and Baroness Crabill of York.
Baron and Baroness Nelson
Viscount Wade of the Duchy of Nelson
Prince Carrillo of Cravant.
Duchess Rahma of Persepolis
Duke John Gunston of Gunstonia
Baron Michael Stogner of Holly and Wood
Count Willem Van Der Steeg of Holland

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