Jarldom of Vikesland



What is the Kingdom of Vikesland?

In short Vikesland is what is called a Micronation. A micronation is a small self declared country/nation that is generally not officially recognized by the United Nations. They tend to exist within established countries, in particular western countries, but are not officially recognized as legitimate by them. 
Types of Micronations run the gamut from extremely serious to Tongue in cheek and everything else in between. Some exist in legal grey areas and have semi sovereignty. Most however do not have true sovereignty and can only exercise limited self determination via land owner rights. Some only exist as internet entities called Cyber micronations. Vikesland does exist in the real world and has privately owned land in which to base from. However we embrace the internet and the majority of our citizens are what we call Cyber citizens. People who are citizens of Vikesland but do not live in Vikeslands owned territory and primarily interact with Vikesland via the internet.

The Kingdom of Vikesland was created in July, 2005, by filmmaker Christopher Beyette as part of a documentary project about Micronations. Vikesland is meant to be a fun, artistic, philanthropic and learning endeavour for all involved. We do things outside of the norm and have a laugh as we do it. It doesn't matter if the UN or any established nation does not recognize our sovereignty as other Micronations, our citizens and multitudes of like minded artists and people do. Our sovereignty is established on our land, in homes, songs, films, artworks, performance stages and the space we know as the internet. Our legitimacy comes from the people that believe in Vikesland as a Kingdom. 
We are not rebels or secessionists and generally embrace our mother countries.

We welcome all inquiries from Media companies and Journalists. We are a media friendly group and will help you with anything you require.
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Our National Flag

National Holidays
Yuletide celebrations Dec.21st - 25th.
New years day Jan.1st
Spring Solstice March 20th
Thanksgiving in Both October (Canadian) and November (U.S.)
Vikeslandic Samhain/Halloween Oct.31st- Nov.3rd
Vikeslandic Fright Fest. first saturday of December
Remembrance Day (Veterans day) Nov. 11th
Vikeslandic Declaration days July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
National Language: English
National Sports: Strongman competition, womens roller derby and Professional wrestling.
Currency: The Vikeslandic Crown (paired to the US dollar)
Official music: Rock and roll of all kinds.

 The Kingdom of Vikesland and all it's governmental workings is run and considered a non-profit entity. We do not Tax citizens and all money aquired by the Kingdom is utilized by government and other workings of the nation. By permission of HRM Christopher I. 

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