Jarldom of Vikesland



Protection, Trust, Honor

The Vikesland Security forces were once separated into 3 departments. As of May 2016 they have all been amalgamated into one force.

The Vikeslandic Security force is comprised of citizens for the protection of all Vikeslandics and Vikesland territories and cyber assets. As well the security Force is sworn to protect all innocents of any citizenship in Vikeslandic territory and must aid foreign law officials in their local jurisdictions if it is requested. 

King Christopher during a patrol.

King Christopher awarding the order of the rifle to King Montague of Calsahara.

King Christopher at the helm of the "Mar Y Sol" in Cuba.

Rank system of the Vikeslandic Security Force
From lowest rank to highest
Non Commissioned members
Private, Corporal, Master Corporal, Sargeant
Junior Officers
Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain.

Senior officers
Major, Lieutentant Commander, Commander, Captain
General officers
Knight, High Knight Commander, Supreme knight Commander

The maiden launch of formal Naval excercises.

On September 3rd The Naval division of the Security Forces was officially started. The King and Admiral Nathan Town took to the water in a small sailing vessel. The naval excercises that were performed were the first for our Kingdom.

By permission of HRM King Christopher I.

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